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Seedtech is owned and operated by the Power family who have been trading in Waterford since 1858 as William Power & Co. The business began as a nursery and were appointed handlers of tobacco production in southeast Ireland. In 1946 William power & Co was incorporated as Power Seeds Ltd by William Powers’s son Willie. Power seeds Ltd began importing “Pure Line” seed and recruited a sales representative in every county in Ireland. In 1984 Mr. Declan Power grandson of Willie Power was appointed Managing Director of Nickerson Irish Plant Breeders as part of the World Wide Group owned by Royal Dutch Shell. The company was trading successfully, however later that year Shell decide to exit the plant breeding business in Ireland and the company was sold to Declan Power and renamed Seed Technology Ltd as it is known today. Seed Technology Ltd is now managed by Roy Power, the second eldest son of Declan Power. Roy is the fifth generation of the Power family involved in the seed sector and has expanded the Seedtech business considerably in the last ten years.