Spring Barley

When choosing a Spring Barley variety, characteristics such as grain yield, straw yield and a good specific weight are important factors to consider. Other criteria such as resistance to lodging and good disease resistance – making for ease of management – will also influence variety choice.

Seedtech Spring Variety Guide 2021

Seedtech Spring Barley Factsheets 2021


Available Spring Barley Varieties

  • Seedtech

    SY Errigal Spring Barley - malt type 

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    • Consistently high yielding barley across multiple years and sites
    • Excellent straw characteristics
    • Good disease resistance and good grain quality

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  • Seedtech



    • High yielding malt barley on DAFM list 2021
    • Excellent disease resistance – our cleanest barley 
    • Zero GN variety so flexible for end use markets 
    • Requires straw management to achieve top yields

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SY Errigal pre-harvest assessments at the Seedtech trial site in Waterford, August 2020

SY Errigal interview with James Irish of Bretts with Tim O'Donovan of Seedtech