Happy New Year all, the Dept recommended lists have been released…

The Dept of Agriculture Rec Lists have released their Spring RL for beans, wheat, barley, and oats recently.   Seedtech is delighted with our three new additions to the DAFM Rec Lists 2022, SY AMITY spring barley, KWS HELIUM spring wheat and VICTUS spring beans.   These results also show the continued consistent performance of SY ERRIGAL spring barley, HUSKY spring oats, LYNX and FANFARE spring beans.

Download the DAFM 2022 spring recommended lists from the bottom of the page



  • SY ERRIGAL is the highest yielding spring barley and has the best lodging resistance on the fully recommended list.
  • Its yield has gone up on the 2022 list, which backs up what farmers and advisors said after last year’s harvest.
  • So, if you are pushing for feed barley yield, SY ERRIGAL is the variety of choice.

Download Fact Sheet Download fact sheet


  • HUSKY is the joint highest yielding oat on 2022 Rec List - not bad considering this is its 16th year in DAFM trials!
  • HUSKY is the most popular oat in Ireland - it won’t let you down.

 Download fact sheet


  • KWS HELIUM is a new quality spring wheat with the highest KPH, highest grain protein content and biggest grain size on the provisional and fully recommended list.
  • KWS HELIUM has very solid disease and straw scores and is an excellent choice for where grain quality is valued.

 Download fact sheet


  • LYNX beans continue to be the most popular spring bean with unrivalled yield and very solid agronomics.

Note: The TGW of LYNX is averaging 525 g (1 tonne drills 4.8 ha @ 40 seeds m-2) in spring 2022.


  • VICTUS is the first low vicine convicine bean recommended in Ireland. This trait helps improve the digestibility of VICTUS in poultry and human diets.
  • VICTUS has very solid agronomics, especially good against Chocolate Spot.
  • VICTUS (and LYNX) has performed well in Teagasc pig feeding trials - see video below from Dr Peadar Lawlor, Teagasc and John Ryan, Adesco.

Download Teagasc Research into Field beans in growing-finishing pig diets

Download Adesco Research into Substituting Soya with Faba Beans


  • SY AMITY is a new malt/feed barley added to the provisional Rec List 2022.
  • It has excellent malt potential and the agronomics of a feed barley with super-stiff straw, good disease resistance and the biggest grain of all the spring barleys on the list.
  • There is limited seed available for spring 2022.

If you have any queries, please contact Nigel or myself.

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