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Contract Seed Production

Seedtech produce high-value seed crops (Hybrid Oil Seed Rape & Hybrid Barley) for leading multinational seed companies

Trusted partner in seed development and production since 1859

Why produce high-value seed in Ireland?

  • High yields of cool-season grains produced due to Ireland’s maritime climate with mild winters, cool summers and adequate rainfall
  • Ability to produce higher thousand kernel weight (TKW) than in warmer climates due to the grain filling period in Ireland, offering added marketing advantages for seed.
  • Excellent isolation distances and virgin land for oilseed rape or other brassicas with Ireland’s extensive grassland area (91%) and small oilseed rape area (c.10,000 ha)
  • Significantly reduced pollen contamination for hybrid cereals, due to Ireland’s low arable area and our ability to place hybrid seed production in grassland regions

Why should you consider partnering with Seedtech to produce high-value seed?

  • Our experienced team of agronomists lead by Tim O’Donovan, Technical Director with 20 years’ experience managing high-value crops 
  • Our dedicated partnerships with contract growers who are committed to delivering the highest quality seed
  • Our state of the art seed processing and distribution facility,  an investment which has delivered one of the most modern and advanced plants in Europe