Video: Fertiliser Spreading Strategies for Winter Hybrid Barley

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Despite the challenges of a difficult drilling period, the area of winter Hybrid Barley sown has increased in autumn 2017.  This is as a result of consistent and reliable performance both on farms and in the Dept. of Agriculture trials. Newer Hybrid Barley varieties such as Quadra, Bazooka and Belfry offer a significant yield advantage over conventional barley varieties and are equal to or better on grain quality, agronomy and straw characteristics. 

In terms of total inputs, Hybrid Barley can generally be treated as a conventional 2 or 6-row winter barley variety and is an easy crop to grow.  Due to its vigorous growth habit, Hybrid Barley begins its spring growth early and needs to be managed by growth stage; not by traditional calendar timings. 

In order to maximise yields and profits with Hybrid Barley, growers should follow 4 simple agronomy steps.

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