Spring Oilseed Rape Hybrids

Spring Oilseed Rape is an ideal break crop and is an alternative to spring cereal crops in an era of low cereal prices. This year Seedtech are offering two high yielding Hybrid varietie - Mirakel and Doktrin.

The benefits of Spring Oilseed Rape include:

  • Useful break crop
  • Suitable for sowing in April and later
  • Low input crop
  • The advantages of sowing hybrid varieties are:
  1. Higher yield potential than conventional varieties
  2. Hybrid vigour – generally hybrids are more vigorous than conventional varieties
  3. Hybrids have a wider sowing window
  4. Reduced seeding rate required for hybrids
  5. Hybrids develop greater root mass than conventional and are more resistant to environmental stresses.

Mirakel and Doktrin out yield Delight by 7% or up to 203Kg per hectare on a breakeven crop of 2.9 tonnes per hectare. 203kg at a price of €350 per tonne equates to €71 per hectare potential margin from Mirakel & Doktrin verses Delight. 

Teagasc Crops Costs and Returns (January 2015) show the following:
Break-even yield for Spring Oilseed Rape is 2.9 tonnes/hectare or 1.17t/acre. 

Hybrid Spring Oilseed Rape brings the added bonus of quick crop establishment and rapid growth compared to conventional varieties.

Correct choice of variety is critical to maximise yield potential.

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