Spring Drilling Of Graham Winter Wheat from Seedtech

If we get a nice settled period in Dec-Jan, growers may need information on drilling GRAHAM winter wheat.

Some points to note when drilling GRAHAM in spring:

  • GRAHAM can be safely drilled until end January based on its vernalisation requirement (7 weeks).
  • GRAHAM maintains its relative superiority when drilled late (View table below, Syngenta UK trials 2017 & 2018; DD1 is September, DD2 is October, DD3 is November).
  • DAFM drilled a winter wheat trial on 25th Feb 2013 with a control yield of 3.8 t/ac.  EINSTEIN was a control in 2013 and it was like GRAHAM in its stem extension growth and grain fill.  The best spring wheat DAFM trial 2013 yielded 3.9 t/ac. 
  • Teagasc will be recommending spring drilling of winter wheat varieties at their spring seminars and in their newsletters.
  • All winter wheat varieties drilled from 1st Jan 2020 are counted as ‘spring wheat’ for the 2/3 crop rule calculation.
  • Consult your Agronomist if you have any queries.

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