Spring Cereals Recommended Lists Out Now

What will we be sowing this spring?

The Department of Agriculture Spring Cereal Recommended Lists 2021 have just been released and Seedtech have some of the leading varieties in spring barley, wheat and oats:

Spring Barley
Named after the picturesque mountain in Donegal, SY ERRIGAL was specially bred for the Irish climate.  Its performance has been ‘rock steady’ over the past 5 years in DAFM trials and it has the best lodging resistance of all the varieties on the list, scoring an impressive 7 for lodging resistance.  So where you are pushing for spring barley yields, SY ERRIGAL is the obvious and reliable variety to choose.
Another barley bred specifically for Ireland, SY ARDERIN is a true feed barley especially suited to rolling.  It has the biggest grain (50.3 g), lowest screenings (1.3 %)  and highest protein (11.5 %) on the 2021 Rec List.  It also has a robust disease package and excellent resistance to straw breakdown, very important in the Irish harvest.
Spring Wheat
A very high KPH spring wheat (highest KPH on DAFM Rec List 2021) and especially suitable for strong ground (best lodging resistance on DAFM Rec List 2021 scoring an 8).  Good disease resistance for Mildew and Septoria
Spring Oats
HUSKY is the most popular oat in Ireland due to its reliablity to deliver each year.  Growers and advisors know what HUSKY will do and can plan around that.  For spring oats, delayed harvest can be an issue but HUSKY is exceptionally early to harvest variety, helping the grower reduce risk.  Its' grain quality is liked by millers and equine customers and so satisfies those premium markets.
Seedtech also have organic HUSKY seed for sale in 2021.


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