Hybrid Rye is a viable option to consider for Tillage Farmers in 2020

Hybrid Rye a viable option for Farmers - Find your market and you have a great opportunity

Over the past 4 years, Seedtech have been supporting farmers and agronomists to adapt the best practices to grow Hybrid Rye on Irish farms and how to take advantage of its natural attributes to make it very a profitable crop:

Inherent ability to grow in high Take-all scenarios
Ability to out-perform other cereals in lower fertility sites
Does not suffer too much from wet weather diseases
Is not as susceptible to BYDV as other cereals especially when drilled in September
Extra straw yield with comparable quality to barley/wheat straw
An alternative option for whole cropping

While the Irish rye market is not yet developed, Seedtech is supporting new animal feed markets with pig feeding trials in Teagasc and helping supply chains develop such as malting.  However, we do advise all growers who are considering rye to ensure they have a market for the grain before drilling rye.

Download the Hybrid Rye Agronomy Guide below

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