Farmers see OSR as a break crop, but why not achieve top yields from it?


Planting of winter oilseed rape is approaching fast and the urge to plan early seems to be quite popular with growers due to the possibility of poorer sowing conditions. Farmers are choosing to sow winter oilseed rape as it’s an excellent break crop, can produce high yields, extend the harvest window and improve soil structure for subsequent crops along with helping to control difficult grass weeds such as sterile brome. 

Seedtech has an extensive portfolio of new and exciting high yielding Hybrid and Conventional varieties available for autumn sowing. These will ensure that not only will your  winter oilseed rape be useful as a break crop or improve soil structure it will give you the best opportunity to produce high yields.


Seedtech varieties include:



Incentive : An instant hit... Excellent performance across ALL soil types

Incentive recorded a yield of 107 on the AHDB list 15/16 North Region Yield with a % control of 4.7t/ha compared to DK Expower at a yield of 103.

Pack size: 3ha pack containing 1.5 million live seeds


Flash: Still No.1 on the Irish Recommended List 2015

Flash recorded a yield of 105 on the Irish Recommended list 2015 with a % control of 4.5t/ha compared to sensation with a yield of 99

Pack Size: 3ha pack containing 1.8 million live seeds


Charger: Believe it! A variety which delivers..Short,Stiff & Incredible yields

Charger recorded a yield of 107 on the AHDB list 15/16 East/West with a % control of 5.0t/ha compared to DK Cabernet at a yield of 100.

Pack Size: 3 ha pack containing 2 million live seeds

Anatasia: Top performing conventional with incredible yields 

Anatasia recorded a yield of 109 on the the AHDB list 15/16 North Region Yield with a % control of 4.7t/ha

Pack Size: 3ha pack containing 2 million live seeds


Seedtech’s Winter Cereals and Oilseed Rape Brochure 2015 Coming Soon!


Features include:

  • How to achieve top yields in 2015
  • Exciting new varieties
  • Hybrid v’s Conventional debate
  • Market & Trends for 2015.

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