Husky Winter Oat - A reliable oat in winter

Winter crops took a savage beating from the weather over the past few months!  Irish farmers and oat processors have learned that spring oat varieties, drilled in autumn, deliver the best quality oats for porridge and equine markets. 

Husky oat is the most widely grown oat in Ireland, as it performs equally well when drilled in the autumn or in the spring. This means growers and seed processors have more options with Husky seed.

Husky also has excellent straw characteristics and growers are well used to getting the best from it.

Most oat crops are now at gs 30 and are ready to take off in their growth.  Fertiliser, weed control and plant growth regulators will be applied in the next few days. Luckily oats do not suffer too much from weeds, as it is said to exhibit a property called allelopathy against weeds.

In this video, we take a look at a seed crop of Husky winter oats, drilled the end of October and how well it looks after the winter and what management it will need over the next few weeks.


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