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At Seedtech we represent some of the most exciting varieties on the Dept. of Agriculture recommended list. We market these through our own mixtures as well as offering as straights to grass mixing companies in Ireland.

Late varieties:

New variety introduced to list in 2014
Highest tetraploid ground cover score on the list
Particularly suitable to intensive grazing mixtures.

Included in Irish grass seed mixes for 12 years
Highest yielding 1st cut silage late tetraploid variety on list
Consistent trial performer.

4th year on list in 2014
Excellent winter hardiness & very good autumn growth
Particularly good 2nd silage yield.

Intermediate varieties:

Joint highest total annual yield of intermediate tetraploids on list
Excellent autumn growth and digestibility
Highest yielding 1st cut silage intermediate tetraploid on list
Suitable to both grazing and silage mixtures.