Winter Oat

Seedtech holds top position on the 2016 Winter Oat Recommended List with Husky. The market leader, Husky is a 'white' hulled oat which matures early meaning that it is ideal where timeliness of harvest can be critical. Husky is known to have very good grain quality with a particularly good kernel content and very good specific weight.  It has short straw and good resistance to lodging as well as very good resistance to mildew. Vodka is the second highest yielding variety on the 2016 DAFM list with good grain quality. It is important to note that Vodka is the only true winter oat variety on the 2016 Recommended List and scores a high 7 for winter hardiness. 

Available Winter Oat Varieties

  • Seedtech

                                                                               Husky Seed availability 59%
    » Highest yielding variety on the RL 2017, as a dual purpose
    variety suitable for both winter and spring sowings
    » Excellent resistance to Mildew and moderately resistant to
    Crown Rust
    » An early maturing variety with excellent resistance to lodging
    » Unique variety that has a winning combination of excellent
    yields and grain quality