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In general the good Winter hardiness of Swedes makes them suitable for the coldest areas of Ireland. While typically grazed by sheep, the crop can be fed to all classes of stock and some varieties also have culinary potential.

Typical Feed Values

  • Average Dry Matter yield = 7-10 tonnes/ha
  • Average fresh yields = 70-80 tonnes/ha
  • Dry Matter = 9-13%
  • Crude protein = 10-11%
  • Digestibility value = 82D
  • Metabolisable energy = 12.8-13.1 MJ/kg DM

Swede varieties


Invitation is a very uniform, club root resistant variety, ideal for utilisation after Christmas. It also has excellent resistance to powdery mildew and will produce large leaves for extra grazing potential. Invitation is Winter hardy and is suitable for sheep or cattle.
•Excellent high energy winter feed
•Low production costs
•Finishing lambs or Winter maintenance
•High dry matter yields
•Cost effective (even where yields are only moderate)