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Stubble Turnip

Stubble Turnip

The white fleshed Stubble Turnip is an excellent catch crop which can produce nutritious, highly palatable feed in just 12-14 weeks after sowing. The crop can be sown in the Spring or later in the year immediately after the cereal harvest. The different types of Stubble Turnips available will enable you to tailor-make the crops to your exact requirements.

Why Grow Stubble Turnip?

  • Fast growing catch crop
  • Autumn or Winter feed
  • Finishing lambs
  • Summer buffer for dairy cows
  • Economical to grow
  • Flexible sowing options

Typical Feed Values

  • Average Dry Matter yield = 3.5-4 tonnes/ha
  • Average fresh yields = 38-40 tonnes/ha
  • Dry Matter = 8-9%
  • Crude protein = 17-18%
  • Digestibility value = 68-70%
  • Metabolisable energy = 11 MJ/kg DM


Stubble Turnip Varieties


Tyfon is ideally sown in the Spring and utilised in the Summer months when grass growth generally declines. Tyfon should not be sown too early as it is susceptible to bolting. Tyfon's growth habit is very leafy with some regrowth potential.


Rondo is a green skinned variety, suitable for sheep or cattle. It has a very leafy growth habit, with excellent disease resistance and can be utilised from September to early February. Rondo has excellent root anchorage which helps reduce wastage in the field


This exciting recent introduction which has out-performed many existing varieties in our trials for a number of years. Delilah is ideal for fattening lambs and will produce huge white tankard shaped bulbs. It has a good resistance to mildew.