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Kale is a well proven fodder crop which consistently provides very high yields of succulent green fodder. One of the big advantages with Kale is the crops flexible utilisation period which can stretch from July right through to the following March. The crop has a high crude protein content and can be fed to all types of livestock.

  • Low cost option for finishing lambs                                                                       
  • Buffer feed for dairy cows during dry summers
  • Flexible utilisation period
  • Excellent crude protein content
  • High yields and economical to grow
  • Outwintering systems

Typical Feed values:

  • Average Dry Matter yield = 8-10 tonnes/ha
  • Average fresh yields = 60-65 tonnes/ha
  • Dry Matter = 14-16%
  • Crude protein = 16-17% fresh, 19-25% ensiled
  • Digestibility value = 68D
  • Metabolisable energy = 10-11 MJ/kg DM

Kale Varieties


This is a new variety bred by SCRI which will produce excellent Autumn or winter feed for both sheep and cattle. Grampian exhibits very high dry matter yields combined with some club root resistance.


Caledonian was the highest yielding Kale in our trials. Caledonian is club root resistant, which now enables growers to continually sow Kale on club root infected sites. Caledonian's huge yields makes it ideal for utilisation by dairy and beef cattle.


Keeper is very Winter hardy and exhibits good lodging resistance. Keeper is a medium/short type ideal for fattening lambs and providing high quality Winter keep. It has low SMCO levels (anti nutritional chemical)