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Forage Rape

Forage Rape

With its relatively low seed rate and inputs Forage Rape is a popular choice with many livestock farmers. The crop has a wide sowing window and will provide excellent Autumn/Winter keep for all classes of livestock. The crop can also work well alongside Stubble Turnips to extend the usage of that valuable crop. Forage Rape also makes an excellent break crop between grass swards and can be sown and utilised between crops of Spring Barley.

Why Grow Forage Rape?

  • Fast growing leafy catch crop
  • High protein content
  • Longer lasting than stubble turnips
  • Winter hardy varieties
  • Flexible sowing period
  • Sheep, Dairy or Beef production


With its exceptional yield potential, disease resistance and palatability this Kale/Rape hybrid is the leading rape variety. Interval established quickly and is typically ready to graze in only 10-12 weeks.

  • Average Dry Matter yield = 3.5 tonnes/ha
  • Average fresh yields = 24-35 tonnes/ha
  • Dry Matter = 12-14%
  • Crude protein = 19-20%
  • Digestibility value = 65D
  • Metabolisable energy = 10-11 MJ/kg DM


Hobson is the variety for finishing lambs. Hobson has excellent resistance to powdery mildew, a disease which can make some crops unpalatable leading to a high wastage factor. Hobson is very palatable and digestible.