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About Us

Seed Technology’s activities can be broadly categorised into four areas:

Wholesale Seed


Seed Technology is a leading wholesale seed company in Ireland, selling directly to large and small retailers throughout the market.  As well as wholesaling cereal seed, Seedtech markets Beans and Oilseed Rape. Seedtech has also introduced crops such as Lucerne and Chicory to the market. 


Seedtech produce a wide range of seeds in Ireland for different customers and uses. We are one of the leading producers of commercial grade (C1) cereal seed in Ireland and the only producer of F1 Hybrid Winter Barley seed. Over the past number of years we have expanded the Oilseed Rape production division of the business and now produce significant quantities of F1 hybrid and mother-line hybrid OSR seed for overseas customers in our dedicated OSR seed processing plant.



At Seedtech, we have an intensive variety selection trialing system of genetic material from all over the world. Through partnering with large multinationals and government research institutes, our goal is to find the most suitable varieties of Wheat, Barley, Oats, OSR and Beans. Successful varieties emerging from our evaluation proceed either to Department of Agriculture trials for recommended list trials or directly to the market.
We are also interested to investigate how new crops might be managed for specific markets in Ireland. Recent successes in this area include Triticale, Naked Oats, Lupins and Linseed. Our full-time trials team are also involved in contract research for chemical companies, universities and other commercial bodies in areas such as new chemical evaluation and energy crops.

Management of Intellectual Property

Seedtech represents a wide variety of plant breeders on the Irish market. It is our task to advise and support the breeder in all aspects of the Irish seed market. We also ensure that the breeder is properly remunerated for any material used in Ireland under the laws of plant breeder’s rights; as Seedtech is one of two members of the ‘Plant Variety Development Office’, which is the body responsible for the management of plant intellectual property in Ireland.